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If you've been looking for documentation to give to management when promoting your case to attend the MMS 2003, this slide deck from Microsoft should help.
06-02-2007 1,138 Download
File Size 93.5kB
From the MMS, this is the full presentation for the Client Installation and Discovery Essentials session.
06-02-2007 1,866 Download
File Size 675.3kB
This Customizing Web Reporting presentation, was given by Ed Aldrich at the 2002 MMS. This presentation received rave reviews, showing how to generate custom reports and turn your report into useful data...
06-02-2007 3,891 Download
File Size 858kB
Ed Aldrich's MMS 2006 PowerPoint presentation and related files that documents DCM implementation in the REAL world!
06-02-2007 908 Download
File Size 1.4MB
SR32 - Employing Patch Management Processes in Your Organization - Presentation from the MMS 2004.
06-02-2007 929 Download
File Size 1.1MB
This is an excellent review of the sessions attended by Henry Wilson at the MMS 2006, with help from myITForum, Brian Tucker, Anthony Clendenen, and Joe Hinkle.
06-02-2007 746 Download
File Size 25.9kB
Grab this great document by Henry Wilson that provides a cost benefit analysis between MMS and traditional training.
06-02-2007 768 Download
File Size 6.2kB
This document is the lab manual for the SDK and MCF lab at MMS 2005. It contains exercises on how to develop a simple product connector using MCF and how to write SDK code.
06-02-2007 2,426 Download
File Size 184.2kB
Warren Byle gives some valuable tips on how to get the most out of MMS 2007. This PodCast is light, entertaining, but extremely valuable for those who have never attended and those that want to get the...
06-02-2007 683 Download
File Size 2.9MB
What I send my superiors to justify my continued MMS existence.
06-02-2007 824 Download
File Size 121.5kB
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