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July 2009 - Posts

Enable PowerShell Remoting on Windows 7 (RC) Machine is THAT EASY!

I have a Vista SP 2 box and Windows 7 (RC) box. On the Vista box, I have PowerShell V2 installed  and PowerShell remoting enabled a while back and I even forgot the exact cmdlet I used.

This is in a AD environment and I have domain admin right on both machines. So from Windows 7 to Vista box, I could do this

invoke-command –computername pluto {get-process}

After a short but noticeable wait as PowerShell does need to establish a remote session(PSSession), to execute the get-process cmdlet on the remote computer PLUTO and get the output back.


but when I tried to do the same thing from Vista to Windows 7, I get errors.


Which does make sense because this windows 7 machine is relatively new and I haven’t do anything out of the box related to PowerShell. So I followed the instruction


Now I am back on the Vista machine and run the cmdlet again, Whola, now I see the PowerShell Remoting is in Action in Real Time (On Windows 7 that is)!


So as you can see, PowerShell team really make this process rather easy and nothing to feel intimidated. You can get creative from here, try this on multiple machine and instead running get-process, you can run any script block you have remotely just put them in {}.