Build 316 of Lineage Explorer

I've had some time to get a new build of the Lineage Explorer out.  Build 316 is the latest.

If you aren't already familiar with this tool, check out the original post: OpsMgr Lineage Explorer.

Build 316 adds the following functionality:

1.  There's a new status bar that will show the load progress for the OpsMgr environment.  This is useful for environments with a large number of management packs.  This also doubles as an indication of which MP element type is currently populating the tree view.

2. Data Types are now processed, so you can explore their lineage as well.  Also, Class Types are selected for display first.  Build 227 selected Module Types by default.  Finally, there's a Filter by Example feature, though you can only turn it off using the View menu.  More on that later.

3. I've added a property grid for all MP element types, and gone a little further into which properties are included.  Build 227 only showed a few properties of module types only.

4. There is a Filter by Example feature that allows you to right-click on any node in the tree view and select it to be the filter (by example).  The two options are Any and Direct.  "Any" will filter the tree view, including only those MP Elements that have the element you selected anywhere in their lineage.  "Direct" includes only those MP Elements that are direct descendants of the element you select.

Here's another screen shot of what the tree view looks like after selecting "Filter by Example (Any)" on System.CommandExecuter.  Note that the View menu now shows the Filter by Example with a check mark.  This is to allow you to turn it off.  Also note that if I had selected "Filter by Example (Direct)," all of the elements in this screens shot would not have been visible because they are descendants of descendants of System.CommandExecuter, not direct descendants of System.CommandExecuter.  If this screen shot included Microsoft.Windows.ScriptWriteAction, you would have seen that it would have been included.  It would also be included if "Filter by Example (Direct)" had been selected, because it is a direct descendant of System.CommandExecuter.

There are more improvements in the works.  Most notable is the ability to view the lineage of monitor types.  This one is a little trickier, because each of the regular detections has its own lineage.  That makes it a single MP Element type with multiple lineages.

After that, it will have complete coverage of the <TypeDefinitions> section.  Then, it's on to the <Monitoring> section to allow the lineage of the components of monitoring MP Elements to be displayed.  This functionality will be similar to the monitor type handling: an MP Element with multiple lineages.

The other to-dos from the original post are still on the list.

Version 316 can be downloaded here:

Thanks for the feedback thus far.  Keep it coming!


Published Saturday, July 05, 2008 5:27 PM by vdipippo
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# Build 316 of Lineage Explorer released

OpsMgr Lineage Explorer:

Saturday, July 05, 2008 6:46 PM by Rod Trent at

# Build 316 of Lineage Explorer released

OpsMgr Lineage Explorer:

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