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Got Mesh!


There's a new technology verb in town. Google's has 'Google it'. Now I can see the term 'Mesh it' or 'Go to my Mesh'.

Microsoft has really raised the bar with this new technology that I can see exploding for all users with multiple computers or always on the go. Cloud storage has been out for a bit and has been convenient at times, but not really something that changes my everyday interaction in computing.

Live Mesh does just that! Part of the Live family, it has a client that you install on all your devices that you want and by doing this, it enables you to connect to any of those machines through web browser anywhere you go, even behind firewalls. I know you have others that do this too, but it doesn't stop there. It adds a context menu item so that any file you want to synch into the cloud, it's a simple click. Immediately it synchs to all your devices for availability. You also get a Live desktop which is somewhat like a virtual PC in the cloud(well, very limited at least). Then there's the MS Office Groove like features where you can share certain folders so that when any of those connected family or friends add files, your Messenger like applet displays the change.

This is something by Live that I see going places. Unfortunately it is still in beta and limited to storage at the time, so on Microsoft connect, it is a submit and wait for invite to be able to use. For more info on it including some must watch videos, check it out here: - Learn more about it in the "See it in action links"  - Live team show's it in a real world example  - From a developer  view as a platform which shows it has potential - And lastly, for a deeper look from behind the curtain.


Is this Ray Ozzie's new Groove? I think so!



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