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Travis’ blogs will center on systems management trends, products and solutions. He will leverage his over 15 years working with a wide variety system management products from SMS 1.1, Altiris and Matrix42. In addition to his product experience Travis will use his knowledge of customer’s pain points and business objectives to give opinions and thought leadership to his readers.

October 2009 - Posts

  • Windows 7 Migration Web Demo Using Matrix42 Solutions

    Don't miss this weeks Windows 7 Migration web demo using Matrix42 solutions, this is not your normal migration demo.

  • What is IT-Commerce

    IT-Commerce is a proven methodology designed around a group of products that promote the user’s ability to efficiently procure and deploy software and services via a web portal.  Based on an ITIL service catalog, users initiate automated workflows through an easy and familiar web portal.  The goal of this approach to IT operations is to simplify the overall customer experience and reduce IT complexity and costs by using more familiar and user friendly methods of engagement. When properly deployed and managed, your IT department will truly become proactive in its mission instead of continuing the more traditional reactive response that many organizations find themselves in today. If your customers have ever used the web to purchase any item and placed it in a shopping cart, they will quickly embrace this method of engaging with your organization and move your IT department toward IT-Commerce.


  • Windows 7 Migration Using Matrix42's Service Store and Empirum V12

    Here is a great video on how a Windows 7 migration should be performed.



  • Enterprise Software for Windows 7 Migrations

     The Windows 7 launch is right around the corner – will you be ready? Let Matrix42 take the agony out of your migration. Ensure a smooth, fast and no hassle migration by leveraging Matrix42’s automated processes. Empirum V12’s built in reports will quickly assist you in accurately determining if your environment is Windows 7 ready. Empirum V12 will ensure a quick, convenient migration.

    You can determine if you are Windows 7 ready by using Matrix42’s inventory trial version at no cost.

    Stop by our website for the latest migration information: Matrix42’s Windows 7 migration. Here you will find all the information you need to get a head start on your Windows 7 migration:

    ·         Download Matrix42’s Whitepaper

    ·         Read about the best practices for a successful Windows 7 migration

    ·         Download a no cost trial version of Matrix42’s Inventory Module

    ·         Register for a Web Demo of Matrix42’s easy migration process

    Conquer your Windows 7 migration project. Use our no cost inventory trial to find out if you are Windows 7 ready.

    Let us assist you in making your Windows 7 migration a success!

    Best regards,

    400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 250
    Atlanta, GA  30346
    Phone 1-888-MX42USA

  • Why do you buy what you buy?

    In this blog, I would like to get your responses to the following questions below. Having worked for a few software companies from the biggest in the world, to mid size and now a small company, it has always interested me in knowing what makes you the consumer of the technology tick. Why do you buy what you buy?

    So here goes:

    What do you look for and what is important in a Systems Management Solution?

    What features do you look for?

    Where does politics play in the decision?

    When you bring a vendor in for a demo do you want them to show only the solution for your current problem or show value add?

    Do you rely solely on your current vendor to provide the solution you need or what they perceive you need?  

    When it is time for renewal do you look at other vendors?

    Do you do your due diligence, basically look at vendors you may have eliminated or dismissed when you made your decision on your current solution?

    Have you ever provided feedback and or recommendations to your vendor and in turn they worked them into the product?

    Do you only see the sales person when it is time for renewal or are they actively engaged with you?

    Have you ever looked at a vendor as a trusted advisor?

     If so, how did they gain that level of trust?

    Do you rely on analyst recommendations?

    Which role do you play in the decision making process of a technology solution (evaluator, decision maker, recommender, etc…)?

    I now work for a small software company called Matrix42, being small has its advantages; one is taking the recommendations of your current customers and potential customers. I have to be honest with you when we are not selected as the vendor of choice the post mortem I receive is very important. Many times this information lets us make important product decisions. Another advantage is how we treat our customers; we don’t look at them as customers but partners. 

    Customer - a person or company that buys goods or services

    Partner - somebody who is involved in an activity with somebody else

    Which one would you do you want to be, a customer or partner?


  • Using template based technology to build out a computer.

    Template based technology has numerous advantages over legacy imaging technologies:

    ü  Less network intensive

    ü  Small foot print

    ü  Hardware independent

    ü  Easily modified

    ü  Only one import of OS necessary for unlimited templates

    Using images is very time consuming and dealing with those images can be troublesome at best.  You start with a few base images and end up with many different images. Many of the images may seem the same however, a new driver or two can make the image unusable, and again managing the images can be a nightmare. Inherently installing an image results in an outdated configuration starting from day one after the image was built, new policies and settings updates must be applied after the image is built, until that time the system is vulnerable and may put the computer at risk. In addition, hardware drivers are baked in an image; this too is time consuming and leads to out dated images. When updates to the drivers are needed the new drivers must be injected into the image. Changing hardware vendors is also difficult. Different computer types require an exact image targeted for the the computer. Ship to Desk scenarios like Self Provisioning is not possible at all.

    Matrix42’s Empirum is a template based technology. Empirum detects the device and installs the correct drivers and utilities without “targeting”, the admin or user who wants to install the computer just needs to know what role the computer will play in the environment and based on a template will be configured to that role.  Empirum knows the necessary details (DELL laptop or HP desktop, win 7 or XP with IE 8...). Each and every installation with Empirum is up to date with the latest drivers and updates, once applied to the system all installation will use them.

    Here are a questions for you:

    How do you track changes to your images today?

    Is there a change control log?




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