If you don't know I am a HUGE OneNote fan and have converted countless people from using Notepad, Notepad2, Word, paper, you name it to using OneNote since it first came out in Office 2003.  (If you are only interested in the the list of OneNote PowerToys, skip this section and scroll down).

Some of my favorite things are the ability to write anywhere, assign "tags" to notes, copy and drag from anywhere, any application, webpage, pdf - anywhere into a OneNote page, and have it enter the link where it came from directly below it, create Outlook tasks or appointments, even contacts directly from the notes.  You can record audio and/or video directly into a note page, you can password protect sections, you can draw, highlight, email...and one of the functions I use most, use the Windows key + S to screen clip any area of your desktop without losing the mouse focus on a menu or highlighted item!

Here is an example.  On the left is a screen clip using OneNote's function and you can see the Firefox right click context menu after left clicking on a link on Chris Pratley's OneNote blog.  On the right is text that from the same page that I copied and then drug onto the same note page, as you can see at the very bottom is a link to where it was copied from.  You can also see that the same link that I used in my screen clipping example is brought over automatically into OneNote.


Let's see what else I can do with these two examples.


You can see I have taken the text from Chris' blog and the image of my Firefox context menu and switched their position on my notes page, I also shrunk down the image size and moved it lower on the page, I could also do things like make the text in the image searchable, crop the image, send it to the back, resize it, save it externally.  OneNotes screen clipping tool also allow you to set default behavior when you do capture an area, copy it to the clipboard or copy it to the clipboard and send it to the Unfiled notes section of OneNote, and either view it or not.  I just use the copy to clipboard option.

I also added some things after the text I copied in.  I added a "To Do" tag next to the text "Get list of plugins for blog post" it's that empty checkbox, that I can later check when I am done.  I can also create a summary page that shows all my To Do's, tasks, remember for later, follow up, essential any tags I choose for a notebook and it will group them together, showing completed items together.  The search function in OneNote is one of its better features as well.

The next line is just to highlight another one of the tags, which you can assign hot keys by ordering them.  And the final line is a tag that I have customized.  It is a "For Follow Up" tag that I have made the text white and to highlight it in red.  You can build you own custom tags or customize the built-in ones. 

Here is the tags toolbar, also captured with OneNotes screen clipping tool



Plugins for OneNote

The original intent of this was to capture a list of OneNote plugins because I could not find a single source that had them all.  So here is a list of plugins I was able to locate at the time of posting.


Pasted from <http://blogs.msdn.com/descapa/archive/2007/03/03/sort-sections-powertoy.aspx>


Pasted from <http://blogs.msdn.com/descapa/archive/2007/02/17/sort-pages-powertoy.aspx>

Xiipy BETA OneNote search

More info here

Task Requests from OneNotes Meeting Notes

Updated OneNotes Favorites addin (3/20/2008 v1.61)

This allows you to tag a note page as a favorite, essentially creating a favorites list like in IE in OneNote.

Calendar PowerToy by Josh Einstein - allows you a to view your notes by the date you wrote them


From : OneNote PowerToys Blog

(Sorted by me)

Working in OneNote:

TreeView Beta

Table Sum Powertoy for OneNote

OneNote Printout Manager

Make Subpage PowerToy

Merge Pages PowerToy

OneNote Search and Replace

ReadOnly Section Addin (OneNote 2007)

OneNote 2007 Word Count

OneNote 2007 Xml Viewer

Transcribe Audio Recordings

OneNote Table Of Contents

OneNote Web Exporter

Official Powertoy: My Font Tool for Tablet PC

OneNote Favorites PowerToy (old version -see above)

Import to OneNote:

Jeremy Lewi’s SendTo OneNote PowerToy

HTML Importer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM2OneNote

Double Hyperlink

Send RSS to OneNote - Update

Send To OneNote Mobile

OneNote Text Importer

Import texts from Project Gutenberg

Send to OneNote 2007 from Windows Explorer

Outlook to OneNote AddIn (Outlook “rule”)

GBM How-To: Add OneNote 2007 Printer as Right-click Send To option

Application integration:

OneNote 2007 Integration with MindManager Pro 7

SnagIt Output for OneNote 2007!

Matlab to OneNote

New Mindjet Powetoy

Updated: “Clip to OneNote” Firefox Extension

OneNote PowerShell Provider

Export your Outlook notes to OneNote (2007)

Windows Live Messenger Send To OneNote 2007

GoogleNewsReader to OneNote PowerToy

OneNote to Wordpress Update

Eclipse RCP Snippet for OneNote

Sort Sections PowerToy

Sort Pages PowerToy


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Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog :

Wow it is amazing how many people are talking about OneNote, thanks for the comments/suggestions/feedback/etc.&#160;



bmason505 :

You're convincing me.  I've never used One Note.  But I'm using S2K8 as my desktop at the moment and really miss the Snipping Tool from Vista.  Now I see that I get that back, plus built in OCR to boot.  Sexy.