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I saw this great piece of information on and thought that this was a nice v1 script for loading application into cache. This script will check for and Preload only those SoftGrid applications currently not 100% in cache for the user.


Application pre-loading script that can be run on client machine in order to have all application packages for the user 100% cached.

This script will run through the list of application available to user and issue Load command against those ones currently not 100% cached. It will also take in the account that multiple applications/shortcuts might exists for one SoftGrid package so that load is not initiated more than once per package. This is done by reading through cached OSD's and identifying unique packages by GUID in <CODEBASE> element.

If script is not able to open cached OSD, this will usually indicate NTFS ACLs set inappropriately and as such error is logged by script if silent-mode is not in effect.

  • Visual Basic scripting support enabled
  • SoftGridPreloadApps 1.1 - As VBS file (might be blocked by more aggressive content-filtering firewalls)
  • SoftGridPreloadApps 1.1 - As ZIP package
    (revision history)
    You can execute script using either cscript.exe (runs in console-window) or wscript.exe (does not show console) by issuing command:
    cscript.exe //nologo ..path_to..\SoftGridPreloadApps.vbs
    wscript.exe //nologo ..path_to..\SoftGridPreloadApps.vbs
    This command can then be included in logon-scripts, Run-key in registry etc. to have it run when user logs on.

    Inside script, change variable called Silent to "True" (without quotation marks) to output status and error messages. This might not be wanted behaviour when running with wscript.exe as it will prompt dialog boxes to user for each and every message.

  • The World Simplified is a Virtual World : SoftGrid Preload App's


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