I saw this a week or so ago, but it popped up again on Harolds blog.  This is the deal, you sign up for new service with T-Mobile and get the MDA phone for $79, the SDA phone for free.  I have gathered some info on both phones and posted it below.  The cNet review of the MDA phone was not favorable – but if you read the user review several of the them comment that cNet is crazy.  The user reviews of the MDA came out to 8+ while cNet gave it something like 6.7.

MDA phone is a PDA essentially with a QWERTY keyboard, it also comes with mobile Office.  It’s kind of bulky, but if you have a crackberry or PDA now, it’s about the same size.  The SDA is smaller and only has a number pad, so if you are into IM, the MDA would likely be a better choice. 

I had T-Mobile before I went back to Verizon and I never had any problems with their service (my zip is 92373) or CS.  I am seriously considering ditching my Verizon phone for the SDA and then selling my Dell x50v that I never carry or use.  My son has been asking for his own phone so he could have my Verizon phone – not that he needs it but peer pressure starts early. 

More info below on both of the phones. 


BTW I grabbed all this info and created a side-by-side comparison in OneNote, notice the pasted from links that OneNote auto creates.  It would have been great if I could have posted directly from OneNote and kept the formatting.




Full specifications

for T-Mobile MDA

Manufacturer: T-Mobile USA

Part number: 9702485540



  • Email protocols supported
  • POP3, IMAP4


  • Data services
  • MMS, SMS, WAP, WWW, E-Mail, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger


  • Modem
  • Integrated Wireless cellular modem


  • Cellular enhancement protocol



  • Built-in devices
  • Antenna, Display


  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • 4.3 in x 0.9 in x 2.3 in


  • Weight
  • 5.29 oz


  • Packaged contents
  • Headphones, Carrying case


  • Standby time
  • 5 Days


Operating System / Software

  • OS provided
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0


  • Software included
  • Windows Media Player, Microsoft Pocket Office



  • Installed RAM
  • 64 MB


  • RAM technology


  • Installed ROM
  • 128 MB Flash



  • Call features
  • Caller ID, Call waiting, Call forwarding



  • Processor
  • Texas Instruments OMAP850


Input Device

  • Input device type
  • Stylus, Keyboard, Touch-screen, Navigation button



  • Digital audio standards supported


  • Audio input type
  • Microphone


  • Audio output type
  • Speaker(s)


  • Voice recording capability
  • Yes



  • Display type
  • 2.8 in TFT active matrix


  • Viewable screen size
  • 2.8 in


  • Color support
  • 16-bit (64K colors)


  • Max resolution
  • 320 x 240



  • Battery installed ( max )
  • 1 Lithium ion


  • Talk time
  • 5.5 hour(s)


  • Power supply device
  • Power adapter


  • Power device type
  • Power adapter


Expansion / Connectivity

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


  • Port / Connector Type:Interface
  • 1USB, 1Headset


  • Expansion slot(s) total (free)
  • 1 MiniSD


  • Cable(s) included
  • 1 x USB cable


Physical Characteristics

  • Width
  • 4.3 in


  • Depth
  • 0.9 in


  • Height
  • 2.3 in



  • GPS System / GPS Navigation
  • None


Pasted from <http://reviews.cnet.com/T_Mobile_MDA/4507-6452_7-31678156.html?tag=coco>



Full specifications

for T-Mobile SDA

Manufacturer: T-Mobile USA




  • Built-in devices
  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera


  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • 1.82 in x 4.53 in


  • Weight
  • 3.74 oz


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Yes



  • Viewable screen size
  • 2.2 in


Physical Characteristics

  • Width
  • 1.82 in


  • Height
  • 4.53 in


Pasted from <http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/T_Mobile_SDA/4507-6452_16-31678157.html?tag=sub>


Pasted from <http://extranet.t-mobile.com/tmobile-exc/shop/products/productImage.do?productId=4D94CE34-4A2B-4E0C-B97E-373968B1957F>




The T-Mobile SDA is a super sleek smartphone that makes it easy to stay connected and organized. Its easy to sync with Microsoft Outlook® on your PC so you can keep your calendar, contacts, and e-mail always up to date and with you on the go. GPRS and EDGE let you take advantage of the T-Mobile Total Internet network and T-Mobile HotSpots. Plus the SDA is a quad-band international phone--so you can call and e-mail from around the world.


Its not just about business  the SDA knows how to play, too. A 1.3 megapixel camera with video capture lets you record all the action  and you can relive it or watch downloaded clips using Windows Media Player on the big, bright color screen. All without the bulkiness of a standard PDA.


All T-Mobile phones support VoiceMail, caller ID, conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, built-in paging, and access to 411 And More. In addition, all T-Mobile phones support text and instant messaging (additional charges apply).


Pasted from <http://extranet.t-mobile.com/tmobile-exc/products/select.do?productId=4D94CE34-4A2B-4E0C-B97E-373968B1957F>




Features and benefits:


The T-Mobile SDA comes loaded with the following features:


Connect your phone to your headset or computer without any wires.


Put down the phone and keep talking with a convenient speakerphone.


Synchronize your calendar, contacts, and more to your desktop.


Access to up to eight of your work and personal e-mail accounts from your T-Mobile phone.


Send and receive instant messages with Yahoo!, MSN, or AOL.


Always have a camera with you to capture those important moments.


Capture short video clips to keep for yourself or share with friends and family.


Windows Media Player lets you play audio and video files you download from the Internet or receive over e-mail.


Mini SD slot allows you to add extra memory for photos, files, and more.


GPRS is a wireless data service with speeds up to 56 Kbps, while EDGE is up to three times faster than GPRS for compatible devices. Both enable you to access Internet and e-mail service wherever T-Mobile has coverage.


Travel and call anywhere on the all-GSM T-Mobile network.


Connect to the Internet wirelessly whenever you want.


Pasted from <http://extranet.t-mobile.com/tmobile-exc/shop/products/features.do?productId=4D94CE34-4A2B-4E0C-B97E-373968B1957F>



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