WSUS 3.0 MP for MOM 2005 State Based Success Alerts

WSUS 3.0 MP for MOM 2005 State Based Success Alerts

I recently implemented the WSUS 3.0 MP for MOM 2005 (Version 05.0.3000.0000).
Soon after implementing this MP there were one thousand or more Success Alerts sitting in our SMS/WSUS Alerts view. With out digging into the alerts and rules I dismissed it as a problem thinking that the Success Alerts get groomed every few hours, and this should not be a problem.

A few days later the Success Alerts were still there and the repeat count was more than twenty for each Success Alert.

I then looked at the WSUS rules, and noticed that of the twenty one rules, twenty of them were state based rules. As it turns out 19 of the 20 state based rules had an Alert Success Severity Calculation.

Don't forget to make copies of each rule that will need to be modified, disable the original rule, and rename the modified rule, so when you upgrade the WSUS 3.0 MP to the next version your modifications will be kept.

To clean up the SMS/WSUS administrators Alert View I removed the Success Alert Severity Calculation from the WSUS 3.0 Event Rules.
This is found in the Event Rule properties, on the alert tab click the Edit button, select the
Success Alert Severity entry and click the remove button.
Dastardly Success Alert Severity Calculation

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