HP "Enter Ownership Tag" mof edit

By request, a mof edit to pull back the information one might enter to get "Enter Ownership Tag" information on an HP computer.  Original thread here.

  SMS_Group_Name("HP BiosString"),
  Namespace ("\\\\\\\\.\\\\root\\\\hp\\\\InstrumentedBios")]
 class HPBIOS_BIOSString : SMS_Class_Template

 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     string  Active;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     uint32  DisplayInUI;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE),Key] string  InstanceName;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     uint32  IsReadOnly;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     uint32  MaxLength;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     uint32  MinLength;
 [SMS_Report(TRUE) ]     string  Name;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     string  Path;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     string  Prerequisites;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     uint32  RequiresPhysicalPresence;
 [SMS_Report(FALSE)]     uint32  Sequence;
 [SMS_Report(TRUE) ]     string  Value;

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