Dell OMCI Configuration - Hardware Inventory Extension

By request, the Boot password settings out of the WMI Namespace created by Dell's Open Manage Client Instrumentation; the Dell_Configuration, specifically the Boot Password attributes.  Below is the mof edit; to be added to the bottom of sms_def.mof on your primary site servers, inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv.  Note most of the attributes are FALSE.  If you determine you would like those additional attributes, at any time you can change them from FALSE to TRUE.  Also below is a sample report for the WakeonLan returned results.  The results come back as an integer; so interpretation is needed at the report.  If you do want to turn on additional attibutes, in the attached is a text file.  If you follow the pattern of the BootPasswordVerification info, you'll see the other attributes' patterns, and be able to create your own Select Case... reports.

// Dell Configuration Settings
// These settings are available when the following optional application for
// managed Dell systems is installed.
// Dell Open Manage Client Instrumentation (OMCI)
// This edit was tested using v7.6 of Dell OMCI
// Note: the majority of options, changed from FALSE to TRUE, report an
// integer (0, 1, 2, 3, etc.)  Those integers would need to be correctly
// interpreted at the report level.

[ SMS_Report     (TRUE),
  SMS_Group_Name ("Dell Configuration Settings"),
  SMS_Class_ID   ("CUSTOM|Dell_Configuration|1.0"),
  SMS_Namespace (FALSE),
  Namespace      ("\\\\\\\\.\\\\root\\\\dellomci") ]

class Dell_Configuration : SMS_Class_Template
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 ACPowerRecoveryMode;
 [SMS_Report (TRUE)     ]     string BootPassword;
 [SMS_Report (TRUE)     ]     sint32 BootPasswordVerification;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     string Caption;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     string Description;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 EnableDisableBIS;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     uint64 ExtensionTokens;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 ForcePXEonNextBoot;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     uint32 GlobalDisplaySeverityLevel;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     uint32 GlobalNTEventLogSeverityLevel;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 GlobalStatus;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 HDDMinimumCapacity;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 HDDPercentageThreshold;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     uint32 Infrared;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 KeyboardErrorReporting;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 ManagementApplication;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint64 MaximumPasswordLength;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE),key]     string Name;
 [SMS_Report (TRUE)    ]     string Password;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     boolean PasswordEncrypted;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 PasswordStatusLockUnlock;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 PasswordVerification;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     string PropertyOwnershipTag;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 RestartSystem;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 SMBIOSSupported;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     uint64 SystemIDByte;
 [SMS_Report (FALSE)    ]     sint32 VGADACSnoop;

And the sample report; but without columns for Password nor BootPassword, because in the quick lab test I did, I didn't actually create either a bios password nor a boot password. 

select case
when DellCS.BootPasswordVerification0 = 0 then 'Password not matched'
when DellCS.BootPasswordVerification0 = 1 then 'Password matched'
when DellCS.BootPasswordVerification0 = 2 then 'Not yet verified'
when DellCS.BootPasswordVerification0 = 3 then 'Password disabled by jumper'
when DellCS.BootPasswordVerification0 = 4 then 'Password not enabled'
end as 'BootPassword Verification'
from v_r_system as sys
inner join v_gs_dell_configuration_se0 as DellCS on sys.resourceid=DellCS.resourceid where sys.netbios_name0 = @compname

 With a CompName prompt SQL statement of

 if (@__filterwildcard = '')
  SELECT DISTINCT SYS.Netbios_Name0 from v_R_System SYS ORDER By SYS.Netbios_Name0
  SELECT DISTINCT SYS.Netbios_Name0 from v_R_System SYS
  WHERE SYS.Netbios_Name0 like @__filterwildcard
  ORDER By SYS.Netbios_Name0

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