How to gather Monitor Information like Serial Number

I see this question arise often enough in the forum. I thought I'd blog what I think I know so I can just point people here instead of retyping!

Before we get to serial number, if the information you are looking for are the Monitor's Manufacturer, or the pixels set (1024x768) that is an existing class in sms_def.mof.  Out of the box, those details are on by default.

If for asset tracking reasons you are asked to find monitors by serial number (although sometimes a college student with a clipboard for minimum wage might work just as well!) there are 4 methods I know of.  If there are others, I apologize.

In no particular order:

The top 3 are for-pay; just contact each vendor for a demo.  The last one is a script -- recently written -- that may do a better job than the previously available monsernum.vbs script.  (monsernum.vbs was questionable in my environment)  If you decide to go forward with the free one, remember you get what you pay for.  It hasn't been thoroughly tested, where the top 3 have been around for years.

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Since this blog article, there's also Roger Zanders' MonitorDetails WMI provider:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 7:10 PM by skissinger