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The Lookup User default button using the canned SMS report is great, but if you have installed Centerlogic's User Security Login Auditing Tool (SLAT) (, you can add a report in your Admin Console leveraging that tool, and then add a button on Ron's web page to use that report in addition to the Find User button canned report.

First, have SLAT installed and working.  If you don't already have it, this step will be the most time consuming, since you may need to get permission to change Group Policies, run a recurring advertisement, as well as update the sms_def.mof in your environment.

Assuming that is done and working great... to use this information in machrest:

Edit MachRest.asp, and change this
<INPUT id="Button9" style='WIDTH: 175px' type='button' value='Find User' name='Btnl5'>

to this:
<INPUT id="Button9" style='WIDTH: 85px' type='button' value='Find User 1' name='Btnl5'><INPUT id='Button725' style='WIDTH: 85px' type='button' value='Find User 2' name='Btnl725'>

You may need to adjust the WIDTH values until it looks pleasing.

Attached is a text file; save it as a .mof and import it into your SMS Admin Console Reports.  After importing the report, take note of the ReportID it was assigned.  Run the report manually to make sure the report works in your environment; using % in the input field when running manually; i.e., %john% should report back all users with names of John.

Copy/Paste the below section (the Sub) probably near the bottom, just before the </script>, after all of the other SUB/end Sub routines.  You need to make two changes to this Subroutine.  #1:  Change <SiteCode> to be your reporting site code.  #2, change <your report number here> to be the ReportID you took note of in your console.

Sub Btnl725_OnClick
 on error resume next
 dim CompUser
 Compuser = trim(document.frmMain.LLUValue.value)
  if len(trim(Compuser)) = 0 then
  msgbox "Please type a Part of the User's First or Last Name.",,"Extended UserName Lookup"
 parent.frames.output.location.href "/SMSReporting_<SiteCode>/Report.asp?ReportID=<your report number here>&Variable=%2525" & CompUser & "%25"
 end if 
End Sub

Published Thursday, September 14, 2006 3:11 PM by skissinger


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