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Microsoft Application Virtualization (MAV) / SoftGrid and Symantec Altaris SVS clients on the same machine BSOD
It looks like the filter driver in Softgrid cannot deal with SVS on Windows XP SP2. (this may apply to more OSs...?) 1) Softgrid 4.x works fine when installed...
Posted: Aug 25 2008, 09:52 AM by scassells | with no comments
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Make the MMS 2007 DVD playable off a network share
The following are the steps needed to modify your Microsoft Managment Summit 2007 DVD playable from a network share. Note : the content of the DVD is protected...
SMS_Def.MOF Softgrid edit - doesn't really get the job done
I was playing around with the great Mof hack by Cristiano from the article “Inventorying Microsoft SoftGrid Streamed Applications” found here: http://blogs...
SoftGrid via SMS adds an Add Remove Program Entry
Been working with our MS TAM for more detail. QUOTE : Integrate asset discovery and metering Virtualized...
Posted: Feb 07 2007, 09:23 AM by scassells | with no comments
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