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PowerShell scripts in Collection Commander

With the release of Collection Commander V1.0.0.6, PowerShell commands are now all stored as files in the “PSScripts” Directory next to the executable….

The PS1 Files can be moved into subfolders to have an organized structure of the files…


The PowerShell Command Console will load all the Files and Folders and generates a menu structure that is identical to the folder structure…


The latest version contains already a set of PowerShell examples but if you have some scripts to share, send me a note ore post the PS code on

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Monitor Inventory WMI Provider updated

The Project moved from Sourceforge to

The new version of the WMI Provider does now also report the

- diagonal Size (in inch)
- horizontal size (in cm)
- vertical size (in cm)

You can extend Configuration Manager 2012 Hardware Inventory to collect the WMI Class "Win32_MonitorDetails" ....

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Client Center for Configuration Manager stable release

Client Center for Configuration Manager is now available as stable release (version 1.0.0).

A Windows Installer setup is available for x64 and x86. There is also a browser based version that can be hosted on an internal IIS server.

Or you can use the Click-Once edition which will automatically updates to the latest version.

Note: .NET 4 and WinRM are required to use the tool.

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PowerShell to cleanup expired "Client Operations" tasks

Deleting old, unused Client Operations tasks in the Configuration Manager 2012 Console is a pain because you cannot delete multiple items; you have to delete one by one....

The following PowerShell Command will cleanup all expired "Client Operations" Tasks (Adminconsole node Monitoring\Client Operations).
Replace xxx with your SiteCode and run the command on the site server.

Get-WmiObject -namespace "root\sms\site_xxx" SMS_ClientOperationStatus -Filter IsExpired=1 | % { ([wmiclass]"root\sms\site_xxx:sms_ClientOperation").DeleteClientOperation($_.ID )  }

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Stable release for Collection Commander

Collection Commander for Configuration Manager 2012 has now a stable Version (Build V1.0.0.3) which is available as WindowsInstaller (MSI) package.

Change log:
- MSI Setup
- UI Improved
- CM12 Console integration
- New Powershell code snippets
- Client Center Integration

If you miss some functions, please place a note on (with the corresponding Powershell command if available).

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Configure WinRM by using CM12 Settings Management

Configuring WinRM (Windows Remote management) over GPO is a common scenario, but what to do if your Systems are not member of a Domain ?….
Compliance Settings in Configuration Manager 2012 can monitor and remediate configurations; why not using this technology to track the WinRM settings on your systems.

I’ve prepared a Baseline that monitors and remediate some basic WinRM settings:

You can download the Baseline example here: WinRM

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Monitoring CM12 Prerequisites and IIS configurations

Is IIS on your CM12 Site Systems properly configured ? An easy way to monitor (and automatically fix) your settings is using the compliance settings management from Configuration Manager 2012…

Based on Prerequisites for Site System Roles , I’ve created a DCM Baseline example that monitors and fixes IIS configurations and missing Server features that are used on ConfigMgr2012 Site System Roles …

Configuration Matrix:


Note: This is just an example… do not enable auto remediation if you are not 100% sure what the CI’s are doing… !  Use at your own risk.

Download the DCM Baseline here: IIS Configuration for

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Collection Commander for Configuration Manager 2012

A first beta of Collection Commander for Configuration Manager 2012 is now published on Collection Commander for CM12 is an extended version of the recently released Patch Monitoring Tool for CM12.

It does use the SCCM Client Center Automation Library (which requires WinRM) as core, but can also  run custom powershell commands against multiple systems. If you are missing some commands, please report your wishes on the project page.


Installing the CM12 Console Extension (right click option):
- run "CMCollCtr.exe /Install" to install the right click option

- right click a Collection in CM12 and select "Collection Commander...", or copy and paste computernames on the tool.
- the tool will automatically ping all systems and check for pending reboot etc.
- select one or multiple rows and right click to get the option to "Run powershell code..."
- select a Powershell command from the template list or write your own command
- ... the Powershell result will be retunred to the "StatusMessage" column.

Have fun

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SCCM Client Center released

Thanks to Mark Whitte for reporting and fixing!!! some Issues on SCCM Client Center (the one for SCCM 2007).

Version includes the following changes:

  • Bug: Slp doesn't clear after connecting to a computer/new computer
  • Bug: Getting services can be called multiple times.
  • Bug: Getting Execution history over Remote registry sometimes fails (seen with connections)->Add more meaningful message to error showing that the RemoteRegistry Service needs to be running
  • Bug: The Show advertisement button should clear the lower detail pane
  • Bug: The Show execution history button should clear tool tip at start
  • Bug: When connection fails the connected button should not read connected (happens if a successful connection was previously established)
  • Bug: Show schedules is slow to start. Looks like the first time we check if 64bit it takes a long time to determine, subsequent checks are cached.
  • Feature Request: Can the about box show in the taskbar?
  • Feature Request: Add more columns to Process View
  • Feature Request: Make Process View filterable
  • Feature Request: Add branch distribution support

The MSI on  is updated and includes the latest Version.

For existing Installations, an update can be downloaded from:

And a final Note: The CM12 Version is growing at please place your feature requests (or vote on existing requests) and Issues on the project page.

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Multiple entries for TopConsoleUser

I have seen an Environment where the Table SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE_DATA had multiple entries per device… with the result that the TopConsoleUser was an old,orphaned entry on some reports.

The following Query will return all affected Machines:

SELECT COUNT(*) as [Count], System_DISC.Netbios_Name0, SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE_DATA.MachineID 
     System_DISC ON SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE_DATA.MachineID = System_DISC.ItemKey 

A full Hardware Inventory cycle removed the duplicates. You can use Collection Commander to enforce a full HW Inventory on the affected clients…

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Patch Monitoring Tool for CM12

I made this adhoc Tool to get a brief overview of the Patch-Status from a list of machines... You can right click selected rows to trigger some patch related actions:



- Tool must run as Admin and the Account must have Admin rights on the target devices
- WinRM must be enabled (run winrm /quickconfig)


-          CMHealthMon.exe /install will install a CM12 Console Extension on Collections
You can Copy/Paste List of Computernames
SCCM2007 Agents are not supported !
-     WinRM allows out of the Box 5 concurrent connections, the Tool is using 4 concurrent connections. You may have to extend the MaxConcurrentUsers via GPO.

There is no support or warranty !

Download here

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Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 Agent depends on Network List Service

If the "SMS Agent Host" service does not start after migrating to Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and you find the following error in ccmexec.log:

Initialzing power state manager.
Initialzing network state manager.
Phase 0 initialization failed (0x80070422).
Service initialization failed (0x80070422).
Shutting down CCMEXEC...
Waiting up to 2 seconds for active tasks to complete...
Finished shutting down CCMEXEC.

... verify that the "Network List Service" (netprofm) is NOT disabled and running !

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Command to install all pending SW Updates on a CM12 Client...

The following PowerShell command will install all approved updates (also those without a deadline) on a ConfigMgr2012 Client:

([wmiclass]'ROOT\ccm\ClientSDK:CCM_SoftwareUpdatesManager').InstallUpdates([System.Management.ManagementObject[]] (get-wmiobject -query "SELECT * FROM CCM_SoftwareUpdate" -namespace "ROOT\ccm\ClientSDK"))

To install only the updates with a deadline:





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SCCM Client Center Integrationpack for Orchestrator 2012

The SCCM Client Center Integrationpack is now available for Orchestrator 2012....

a special thanks to Christopher Keyaert for creating and testing the IP on Orchestrator 2012.

Powershell commands to manage ConfigMgr 2012 Agents

Did you know that Client Center for CM12 provides the Powershell code for all of the functions in the tool... ?!

Just make your changes in the the Tool and copy the powershell code from the text box:

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