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WMI Provider to list the Monitors Serial-Nr. and Model-Name

My latest OpenSource Project ( is a simple WMI Provider written in C# (.NET 3.5 SP1 is required) to list the Serial Number and Model name of the attached Monitor(s).

It creates a new WMI Class "Win32_MonitorDetail" in the WMI Namespace root\cimv2:

wmic:root\cli>path win32_MonitorDetails
Model         MonitorID  PnPID                        SerialNumber
DELL 2405FPW  DELA010    5&13b1d479&0&10000084&01&00  M67545xxxxxx

You can extend the SMS/SCCM Hardware Inventory to include this class in the inventory.

Check out the source code (150 Lines) at :


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