Browse by Tags at TechEd 2011 and beyond–the Twitter Army #msteched
23 May 11 01:45 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
TechEd 2011:  What a wonderful event!  Almost 10,000 of my fellow geeks gathered in Atlanta last week.  The sessions were great, the expo...
TechEd 2011: Powered by System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 private clouds
23 May 11 01:08 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
  Have you ever wondered how we pull off an event like TechEd 2011 where we have to setup the demo environments at the different SIM Pods for all...
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Most current System Center roadmap, circa, TechEd 2011 #msteched #mms2012 #mms2011
20 May 11 04:12 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
Announced at TechEd 2011
At TechEd, Windows Introduces the Flexible Workspace #msteched
17 May 11 08:41 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
  Based on recent conversations with customers and partners, it’s clear that this notion of a flexible workspace resonates with many of you. Here...
Microsoft TechEd 2011 Day 1–photo retrospect #msteched
16 May 11 08:08 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
Registration on Monday was still pretty easy. Great job conference folks! Some folks had issues getting registered, but I think the problems were at a...
App-DNA Shares Test Drive of AppTitude Automated Application Compatibility Software at Microsoft TechEd Atlanta #msteched
16 May 11 03:06 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
App-DNA , the global leader in application intelligence, announced today from the Microsoft TechEd Conference the availability of a new “test drive” version...
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TechEd 2011 Day 0–photo retrospect #msteched
15 May 11 08:37 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
TechEd 2011 Entrance: TechEd 2011 conference floor plans Registration was quick and easy Headed down to the Exhibition Hall. It’s in a bunker somewhere...
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Opalis and Orchestrator sessions at TechEd North America #msteched
14 May 11 03:08 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
  Well, I am quite literally 30,000 feet in the air as I post this!  We are on our way to Tech Ed North America, and we have a great lineup of...
Twitter Army TechEd Edition Quick Guide #msteched
14 May 11 11:37 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
Official TechEd 2011 Twitter account: @TechEd_NA Special Hashtags: #msteched – primary event hashtag #mstefun – community tracking #teXXXXX – Session hashtag...
Why using the right hashtag for TechEd 2011 matters so much #msteched
14 May 11 10:58 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
Those utilizing Twitter to talk about TechEd 2011 can use hashtags so that their conversations are picked up by everyone attending the event – and even...
Official TechEd 2011 WP7 App just released #msteched
14 May 11 09:34 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
Get it now…if you have a Windows Phone by searching the Windows Phone Marketplace for myTech. Thanks to @ xpworld for the heads-up.
Twitter Army at TechEd 2011 - consolidated links for full info #msteched
14 May 11 09:25 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
There’s been a huge amount of information published already, in various locations, about the Twitter Army at TechEd this year.  So, we thought we...
Some TechEd Press…
14 May 11 09:20 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
For those that missed it, myITforum will be in full fashion at TechEd 2011 next week.  You can read all about it here: Twitter Army II–TechEd Edition...
TechEd 2011 Twitter Primer–a newbie guide #msteched
12 May 11 03:15 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
If you’re hip to Twitter already, here are the few things you need to know to tap into Twitter activity at the event, follow the “tweets” that matter most...
Can Vendors be part of the Twitter Army at TechEd 2011? #msteched
12 May 11 10:10 AM | rodtrent | with no comments
I get asked this a bunch.  Building our Twitter Army for TechEd has a bunch of community benefits.  Our primary goal is build a strong conference...
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