User Groups on 3.0

Published 04 October 11 11:31 AM | rodtrent

If you’re not aware, we’ve been working feverishly to release 3.0.  The new site provides a huge number of features that we’ve envisioned since the very beginning, but are now able to make available.  One of those features is a full-featured User Group management system.  We’ve been testing with a couple User Groups and are now ready to roll this out to all User Groups.

Here’s an example of the NEASMSUG page:

The new hosted UG pages give you the ability to create user group member-only areas, upload meeting collateral, build a notification system (email or web site) for your users, post photos from your meetings and full management of your events through our new event management system.

It’s easy to get started.  Just create a user account on the new site, and then head to the Groups page.

Click “Create a Group” and a wizard will walk you through the creation of the group.

Even if you host your User Group pages elsewhere, this is a great way to include the ability to notify your users of upcoming events, and reach the largest audience possible.

Vendors – communicate directly with User Group leaders to organize sponsorships of meetings, demos, and visits.


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