3.0: Sneak Peek

Published 23 September 11 08:57 PM | rodtrent

You’ve been hearing us talking about it here and there, but we’re working hard to bring you the next level in System Center and Windows management community in a way that we actually envisioned from the very beginning.  The tools we wanted simply weren’t available when started out, but finally the tools have caught up with our vision.

Today, we pushed out a change the main home page, where you can access 3.0 right now to help us test and to get feedback.  If you look at the menus right now, you’ll see a link to 3.0 that everyone can now use to preview the new community site.


There’s still a lot to do, but there’s already a bunch of content and other things you’ll want to dig into and check out.  Feel free to create an account on the new site so you can join groups and check out some of the important downloads and even the photo galleries, like the one’s in the new Microsoft Management Community Group.

As we continue to progress on features and code, we’ll be rolling out new “How To” videos and posting information about how to view them.  You can also find all of the videos on our YouTube channel.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love what you can actually do with the new features, but as always – please, please, please give us feedback and report any bugs you may find.


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