App-DNA Application Migration at TechEd Australia | App-DNA

Published 07 September 11 04:24 PM | rodtrent


What a great event on the Gold Coast! The first App-DNA conference exhibit at Microsoft TechEd Australia allowed us the opportunity to meet and discuss all things applications with literally hundreds of organizations and partners.

Probably the most common theme was Windows XP to Windows 7 migration – most of the organizations we spoke with were gearing up for their migration and so the timing was perfect for us to introduce the concepts behind the App-DNA automation solution. Unsurprisingly there was also a lot of talk about whether to go x64 or not and and how to make that decision along with understanding application suitability for virtualization.

App-DNA is certainly gearing up in the region and we look forward to becoming a lot more accessible in the region via our partners as well as directly. We’ve had great support from Microsoft and a big thanks to all on the Microsoft team who continue to support us locally.

App-DNA Application Migration at TechEd Australia | App-DNA

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