Steve Jobs steps down at Apple

Published 24 August 11 08:19 PM | rodtrent


The news is everywhere.  I thought these past couple weeks were strange enough with the HP Touchpad blowout sale, HP getting out of the hardware business, earthquakes in the US, and Google buying Motorola.  But, the news just keeps on rolling.

Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO at Apple, ending a 14 year reign of the company he founded in his garage.  No matter what you might think of Apple and Steve Jobs, he led his company through tough times and recently (for a brief moment) had Apple positioned as the top company in the US over even Exxon.  At the helm, Jobs totally revamped Apple into a consumer powerhouse, even after having to be bailed out by Microsoft, of all companies, in 1997.  People tend to forget that, or some are just too young to remember.

Steve Jobs steps down at Apple

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