SCCM Guru T-shirts just dropped on my doorstep

Published 12 August 11 02:19 PM | rodtrent

2 packages just showed up at my door from FedEx.  I’m sure we’d all be fighting over them if my name hadn’t been emblazoned in permanent marker on both boxes.

FedEx from BDNA

Inside, straight from the hands of the BDNA folks are the final SCCM Guru T-shirts.

These T-shirts are nice!  Click the image to see it in full size.

SCCM Guru T-shirts

Incidentally, Michael Niehaus was *just* confirmed for November, so this round of T-shirts doesn’t include his name.  Hmmm…maybe it’ll make them worth more…who knows?

How do you get a T-shirt?  There’s a couple ways.  The first, sure-fire way is to sign-up for the September webcast featuring John Nelson.  Sign-up here:

Once signed-up – you MUST attend the even to hear how to request a T-shirt.

The other way – well, we’re working on that.  We’ll be offering some opportunities to win a T-shirt shortly.  Stay tuned.


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