KiXtart 4.62 released, ready for download

Published 12 August 11 08:29 AM | rodtrent

This update contains the following fixes & enhancements:

· Fixed issue with intermittent exception error during process exit on Citrix configurations

· Fixed deleting of registry keys in alternate registry view on 64-bit Windows

· Fixed issue with incorrect value of @SYSLANG on 64-bit Windows 7

· Added @PROGRAMFILESx86 macro

· On Windows 7, ReadProfileString now (correctly) returns error information.

Note, as many of you already know, KiXtart 2010 versions 4.60 and up are no longer supported on Windows 9x or Windows NT 4.

Running KIX32.EXE on these Windows versions will produce the following error: ".EXE expects a newer version of Windows."

This is a result of the fact that the recent versions of Visual Studio no longer support Windows 9x and NT 4.

Of course, no one should be running these versions of Windows anymore these days…

Check out KIX2010.TXT and the manual for more detail on the enhancements.

Download it:

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