ENGL Driver Manager 2.0 RC1 BETA opens to the public!

Published 11 July 11 02:06 PM | rodtrent


I'm pleased to announce that ENGL Driver Manager 2.0 RC1 BETA is now available to download.
Note: Driver Manager 2.0 RC1 BETA has been extensively tested but we recommend installation in a non-production environment. If Driver Manager 1.x is installed it will be upgraded to 2.0 RC1.
New features
Driver Manager 2.0 RC1 includes SCCM integration and the following new features;

  • MDT 2010 Support
    Both SCCM and MDT are now selectable deployment platforms within Driver Manager. Drivers can be added to the MDT driver store and application packages which are categorised using MDT folders (Windows OS, platform, machine manufacturer and model).
  • Analysis Rule Updates
    Analysis algorithms are used to determine the best installation method for a given driver. Analysis rules will now be updated as part of the scheduled Driver Manager update check.
  • Analysis can now be performed without integration
    A Driver Pack (Windows / platform drivers for a given machine model) or an individual driver can now be analyised without integration. This is useful to review the determined best installation method before creating the packages in MDT and SCCM.
  • Driver Installation Logic
    Packages will be created that run an executable named DriverInstaller.exe that performs a hardware inventory scan and then installs the drivers that are compatible with the current hardware. For example, a Software Package created for a Dell Latitude E6500 may contain both an Intel and NVidia display driver as there are two variations of that hardware model. Using the new driver installation logic, both drivers can be deployed but only one will be installed depending on the hardware.

Special offer to BETA testers!

If you evaluate Driver Manager 2.0 RC1 BETA using your company email address and provide feedback by posting to the Driver Manager support forum you will be eligible for a 50% discount on retail licenses provided you purchase within 90 days of the product release.
Download and Support
Driver Manager 2.0 RC1 can be downloaded here. If you have questions and feedback during the BETA please post them to the Driver Manager support forums.
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