Help choose Enhansoft's next free SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report for the month of August 2011

Published 06 July 11 12:50 PM | rodtrent

The choices are: Package Metric Dashboard and Computer Processor Details.

    1. Package Metric Dashboard shows the action taken (Create, Edit, Delete) by the System Center Configuration Management team in managing the lifecycle of packages over a series of months.

Each of the actions is color-coded for easy reference. Create = Green, Edit = Steel, Delete = Maroon.

This report demonstrates the level of effort that has been performed by the System Center Configuration Management team in the full life cycle management of applications deployed for a company. It should be noted that Package Metric Dashboard is one of four reports within this series (Advertisement Metric Dashboard, Collection Metric Dashboard, Package Metric Dashboard and Program Metric Dashboard).

b. Computer Processor Details is a useful report to see which PCs are running a x86 OS that can also run a x64 OS. It will also provide details such as the Socket Type and CPU Manufacture.


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