Needed - customers on SMS 2003 today that may be interested in going to Intune

Published 22 June 11 03:35 PM | rodtrent

Just received this from the folks at Microsoft and they’ve asked to help spread the word.  This message is targeted directly at those *still* using SMS 2003 in their environment.  As you know, Microsoft is investing heavily in “the cloud” from all angles.  If you are using SMS 2003 now, its assumed you might be a smaller shop that would benefit from Windows Intune instead of ConfigMgr 2012 when the time comes to migrate.

Here’s the full communication.  Make sure to take special note of the email and website links so you can communicate with Microsoft if you are interested in taking advantage of this extraordinary offer.

============ EMAIL ============

We are from the Windows Intune team product team.  We are looking for customers using SMS 2003 with interest in moving to cloud management.  Have never heard of Windows Intune?  Take a look at for more details.  Now, this information is on our Intune release that just occurred in March.  There will be another release of Intune toward the end of this calendar year with a richer feature set that will be more broadly applicable to many medium enterprises that have a need for client management and want to leverage a cloud offering to reduce the overall cost to deliver it.  And, as part of that release, we are working on a tool that would help customers using existing MS management tools like WSUS, SMS 2003, or ConfigMgr 2007 to easily migrate their environment into Windows Intune.  We are looking for customers who can work with the product team over the next few months to deeply engage trying out the tool and supplying feedback as part of our TAP program. 

We will be happy to assist such customers by providing a product group contact for feedback, discussions and consultations. 

If you are a customer using existing MS management tools that may benefit from the capabilities of Intune as well as a relationship with the Intune product team, please contact us.  When you do, please tell us a bit about yourself including total number of clients you manage, a bit more about your environment, and some things in Intune that you would benefit from. 

Please respond to our alias or fill out our survey if you are an interested customer or know of a potentially interested customer.

============ /EMAIL ===========

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