The MMS 2011 DVD set menu interface #mms2011

Published 20 June 11 04:43 PM | rodtrent

The MMS 2011 DVD production company did a great job on the DVD set.  You can pop in any of the 3 disks from the set, and the following menu is available:


The menu is laid out logically and gives you access to the content across the 3 disks, i.e., if you click a session that does not exist on the currently inserted disk, it will prompt you for the right disk number.

Incidentally, if “AutoPlay” is turned or “AutoRun” is turned-off on your computer, you can just double-click the Index.html file on the disk and open the menu in your Internet browser:


After testing the different browsers with the MMS 2011 DVD set, it works right-off-the-bat with Internet Explorer (8 and 9), Opera (tested on 11.10), and Chrome (tested with 12.0.742.100).

However, Firefox has issues.  It keeps asking for Silverlight when trying to watch any video, gives the option to download and install Silverlight, but then bombs on the installation with a message of: 


This is on a Windows 7 computer.

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