Why using the right hashtag for TechEd 2011 matters so much #msteched

Published 14 May 11 10:58 AM | rodtrent

Those utilizing Twitter to talk about TechEd 2011 can use hashtags so that their conversations are picked up by everyone attending the event – and even those that are not attending, but are still looking to glean valuable information from the conference.

The official hashtag for TechEd 2011 is: #msteched

Some folks are using hashtags like #teched or #teched2011 or #TechEd_NA in their tweets.  What happens when these other hashtags are used, is that not only does the communication stream get diluted, but the majority (and I do mean huge majority) of TechEd 2011 attendees will simply miss your message.  From a vendor standpoint, this can be disastrous.  By using the proper hashtag, your message gets seen and is added to the historical record for the event.  We will be monitoring the official hashtag so that we can make TechEd better in the future.

Incidentally, there are more official/valid hashtags for TechEd 2011 that will help you get directly to the information you want.  For example, if you’re interested in a specific session, you can monitor a special hashtag just for that session.

Download the TechEd 2011 Twitter guide to locate the information you want:

TechEd 2011 Twitter Guide

Also, please join us for the first-annual TechEd Tweetup on Monday.  Here’s the full details:

Twitter Army II–TechEd Edition–the details


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