Twitter Army at TechEd 2011 - consolidated links for full info #msteched

Published 14 May 11 09:25 AM | rodtrent

There’s been a huge amount of information published already, in various locations, about the Twitter Army at TechEd this year.  So, we thought we’d consolidate the best information into few informative links, so you can get up to speed quickly.  See you at the Tweetup on Monday, May 16, in the Microsoft Server & Cloud Platform Booth at 12:30pm. This is open to ALL TechEd attendees.

Twitter Army II–TechEd Edition–the details

Tracking TechEd 2011 Tweets with

Keeping track of Community gatherings at TechEd 2011

Can’t make the trip to TechEd 2011 in Atlanta? You can still “attend”

Can Vendors be part of the Twitter Army at TechEd 2011?

TechEd 2011 Twitter Primer–a newbie guide


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