Review: Motorola Xoom Display Portfolio case

Published 09 May 11 06:22 PM | rodtrent

I picked up the Motorola Xoom Display Portfolio case last week and promised a few folks a review on it.  It took me a bit to actually start using the case – or at least have an opportunity that warranted using it.  I actually picked it up because I’ll be traveling to TechEd 2011 next week and wanted something a bit more protective and substantial than just the slipcase I have been using.  Incidentally, for just casual, around the house and office use, I still prefer the slipcase.

Here’s a couple photos of the packaging, i.e., the “box” and the insert they put in the actual portfolio case.  The insert is nice because it gives a pictorial overview of how to use the case.

IMG_20110505_140325IMG_20110505_140351 IMG_20110505_140404 

The case feels good.  It has a nice rubbery, non-slip surface.  I’ve read other reviews where people say it feels “cheap” but that’s not my experience.  It’s a substantial case.  The inside is soft so as to not scratch the Xoom, and when the Xoom is in place, the case feels solid and protective.

IMG_20110505_140439 IMG_20110505_140417

As shown in the instructional insert in the photo above, you can “transform” the case for many different uses.  You can sit the Xoom upright in a few different angles for your optimum use and viewing.

2011-05-05_14-07-45_642 2011-05-05_14-06-10_6 2011-05-05_14-06-20_408

As I mentioned, once the Xoom is inserted into the case, the protection is good.  I won’t feel too bad taking the Xoom with me through airport security or shoving my carry-on under the seat in front of me in the airplane.  Overall, it’s a good purchase for traveling.

There are a couple obvious annoyances with the case, though. 

First, to charge the Xoom, you have to open the case completely, i.e., they didn’t leave any holes in the case around the base of the Xoom (where the charging port is).  This goes for anything on the bottom of the Xoom, i.e., charging, HDMI and USB ports.  Kind of silly, if you ask me.

The second annoyance is that the slots where the Xoom rests in display mode are actually bigger than the width of the Xoom – so you have to be careful when using the tablet in display mode, or the Xoom will slide out of the slot and you risk the Xoom falling off whatever it is sitting on.

The third annoyance, is that, to get the Xoom into display mode, you have to snap it out of the bottom portion of the case, which is kind of tough to do.  Not impossible, just takes more effort than it should.

Bottom line:  I wish there was a better case, but for traveling protection this may be the best option right now.  I keep my eyes peeled for better options, so hopefully that will come along soon.  If you know of a better case – one that you might recommend – let me know.

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