Keeping track of Community gatherings at TechEd 2011 #msteched

Published 09 May 11 12:25 PM | rodtrent

Because of the number of friendships created over the years, there is always something going on somewhere. Folks can gather just about anywhere.

This year, we’re going to make it easier to keep track of community gatherings so no one misses out, and unless you just want some downtime, there will always be somewhere to be.

This year we’re going to be utilizing a special Twitter hashtag so that folks can track the community events going on.

The hashtag is: #mstefun

So, here’s how this works: If you attending a community gathering, Tweet the name of the location where you are either already at, or will be heading toward and then add the #mstefun hashtag at the end of the Tweet.

For those wanting to figure out what to do, just follow the #mstefun hashtag using your favorite Twitter tool and show up. That’s it!

Incidentally, if you use Foursquare or Gowalla locational services, you can also use the same hashtag to give people the exact location of the gathering. Just make sure your location activity is propagating to Twitter.

Also, feel free to use the hashtag while at the gathering for us to better record community activity this year.

Please keep in mind, too, that these gatherings are for everyone! If you are a TechEd newbie, this is a great way for you to create your own friendships.


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