Clarify, Classify and Enrich Your SCCM Data in the Cloud

Published 09 May 11 05:37 PM | rodtrent

You can't manage what you can't see. But to keep track of a contemporary enterprise IT infrastructure-which may encompass thousands to hundreds of thousands of IT assets acquired over a period of years and distributed across the globe-you need complete IT visibility into exactly what you have.

System management or asset discovery tools such as Microsoft SCCM, Symantec Altiris, HP DDMI, and others generate millions of lines of network data. That's where normalization comes in. These discovery tools discover the data; normalization solutions clarify, classify, and enrich that data in order to transform it into actionable information for projects such as Windows 7 migration, license compliance, and software and hardware asset management. And you can do all this in the cloud!  

Tune in to BDNA CTO Walker White as he discusses real-world case studies using a normalize product to determine Windows 7 application and hardware compatibility, suites and bundles vs. stand alone products, vendor true ups, and license compliance status. All in the cloud!

DATE: Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 11:00am Eastern

SPEAKER: Walker White, CTO, BDNA



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