Twitter Army II–TechEd Edition–the details #msteched

Published 07 May 11 11:09 AM | rodtrent

Our Twitter Army at MMS 2011 this year was such a success that we’ve been asked to bring the Army to TechEd 2011.  The Twitter Army starts with a Tweetup on Monday, May 16, in the Microsoft Server & Cloud Platform Booth at 12:30pm.  This is open to ALL TechEd attendees.

You can read about the event here on the Microsoft blogs.

Here’s how this works.

Those that meet up at the booth on Monday will sign-in with their Twitter handle and receive their very own Twitter Army lapel pin:


Wearing this pin will set you apart from other TechEd attendees and also allow other Army members to recognize you in the hallways, in the sessions, and in community gatherings like those monitored and promoted by TheKrewe.  The pin can be worn on your shirt, but most people stick it to the TechEd attendee badge lanyard.

Once everyone has signed-in and has their Twitter Army pin, we’ll have a brief discussion about the program, talk about incentives for Tweeting throughout the week (can you say, prizes!?) and then spend some time so everyone can put faces with Twitter handles.

After the Monday Tweetup, we will be monitoring each person who signs up all week long by their Twitter handle.  At the end of the week, the single person who has Tweeted the most will win an Xbox 360 + Kinnect package!  There will also be a prize for the runner up (1 year XBOX Live Gold subscription).  There will also be various prizes distributed throughout the week for various reasons that we make up – so not only will you need to put on your Twitter posting hats, you’ll also need to be monitoring for the special prize give-aways.

So…what’s this about?  Really?

  1. By putting together an elite group like this, it builds community among those attending TechEd.  It will help those who may be true conference wallflowers to step out and do something to make long-lasting friendships.
  2. It helps those who can’t attend TechEd this year to join in and get technical information and join in the fun while stuck in their seats at work.
  3. It helps build awareness and show how valuable TechEd really is, so that those that could not attend this year, can better prove to management that they should attend in 2012.
  4. It helps us track TechEd participation and value, particularly from those that Tweet information during sessions.  Believe it - the Twitter Army will actually help to make TechEd better and more valuable for future events.

So, hopefully you can see there’s some actual thought behind this.  It’s going to be fun!

During our Monday morning meeting we’ll be talking about the specifics for interacting during the week.  We’ll make note of things like official Twitter hashtags for the event, the sessions, and TechEd fun.  If you want to get a head start, download the guide:

TechEd 2011 Twitter Guide

Incidentally, at MMS 2011 this year, we had over 75 people show up for the Tweetup and had over 10,000 Tweets by those 75 people during the week.  So, let that be a little more incentive.  There’s NO WAY you can let MMS beat TechEd!

Plan now to attend the Tweetup on Monday at TechEd!  See you there! who is myITforum and why is this group leading the community efforts at TechEd?  myITforum is a community of individuals, dedicated to Microsoft technologies, that has grown to enormous proportions since 1999.  myITforum knows how to build, maintain, and manage communities.  Our techniques for building community is unmatched.  We are honored to be able to bring our recipe for success to TechEd this year and hope that we can provide value to IT professionals and Microsoft for many years to come.  Building community for events brings a level of success to the event that would not otherwise be achieved.  If you have an event that you think we can help with, drop us an email.


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