Where is Brushy?

Published 25 April 11 02:10 PM | rodtrent

At MMS 2010, we gave away “Brushy” at the myITforum.com booth.  If you remember, Brushy was a plastic keyboard brush that could sit atop your monitor, ready for use at any time.


Since MMS 2010, we’ve received photos from folks who take Brushy almost “everywhere” they go.  After receiving a few more today from community member, and drummer for Pablo Palooza, Paul Gonzalez from his trip last week to Disney World, I thought I’d start posting them up in the “Where’s Brushy” photo gallery.

We’ll be adding more as they roll in.  If you have some of your own, or are inclined to start recording your travels with Brushy by your side, send in the photos and we’ll throw them into the gallery.

Here’s the permanent link to the “Where’s Brushy” photo gallery:


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