Webinar: Advanced Tuning and Configuration for the Veeam nworks MP

Published 25 April 11 12:01 PM | rodtrent

Featured Speaker: Alec King, Veeam Director of Product Management
Join Alec King, Veeam Director of Product Management, as he takes a deep-dive into the many advanced options available in the nworks Management Packā„¢.

In this webinar Alec will discuss:

Customizing discoveries and data collection intervals Advanced derived metrics unique to nworks Tuning thresholds for your specific environment

    About Alec King
    Alec King is the Director of Product Management at Veeam Software. He has many years of experience in enterprise systems management with a variety of companies, including Siemens and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    Duration: 1 hour

    May 5, Starts at 1 pm ET\ 6 pm GMT

    The link is

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