You saw it at MMS 2011, today App-DNA Introduces Application Intelligence

Published 19 April 11 01:43 PM | rodtrent

Today App-DNA releases AppTitude 5.0, a new version of the application intelligence software platform that takes application compatibility automation to the next level with application intelligence.  You may have seen or heard about App-DNA at MMS 2011. If not, check out the new release of App-DNA AppTitude, which now integrates with System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory. See if an application will run well on Windows 7 or a virtualization platform, and if it will be troublesome, who will be affected? 2 people or 2000 people? App-DNA is an ally to show the true TCO of applications to best determine migration choices, increasing visibility while reducing risk.

AppTitude enables enterprise IT to test and remediate applications, integrate user and device information, model delivery options, and automate application preparation.  It simplifies user-centric application delivery and day-to-day application management.  Combining business insight with application detail, AppTitude helps enterprises determine the best forward path. AppTitude saves time, cost and risk in managing application compatibility for Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp and VDI projects.

Learn more:

- Blog: Walk through a tangible example of AppTitude 5.0 supporting a project for Windows 7 on App-V.

- Features update: Read the full details of AppTitude 5.0 features

- Press release: See the impact of this release to enterprises taking on desktop transformations

- Contact App-DNA for a full demonstration of the new release.

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