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Published 15 April 11 03:50 PM | rodtrent

After working with the Motorola Xoom for even just a couple days I realized that one accessory that is a must to own is a protective case.  The Xoom is NOT, IMO opinion an extremely rugged device.  Not that anything happened, only I was *afraid* that something might happen.  You know what I mean.  I think even Motorola realizes it as they have been reported to be working on a rugged version of the Xoom.

I went directly to to start the research on the best one to purchase.  After reading through the reviews on the one sold by Motorola, I opted for a 3rd party version.  Reviewers on bashed the Motorola version for not even fitting right and being to thin around the ports.  I made a good decision.  I ended up getting the Motorola Xoom silicon case, distributed by Wireless Central (  

I have to say, this specific design is perfect.  The case makes the Xoom even more “grippy”, i.e., it won’t slip out of your hand and it protects the back and sides completely.  The silicone material also keeps the Xoom from sliding across the table.  Once you sit it down, it stays put.  I also noticed that, after installing the case, it actually made the Xoom feel more solid and more substantial.

I did have to install the additional dock adapter that comes with the Motorola standard dock, but that was no trouble.  The additional dock adapter takes into account the additional bulk of a case.  Motorola was thinking in this respect.

I’ve found NO negatives so far, and at $14.99, it’s completely worth it for the additional protection.  Now, I don’t have anything protecting the Xoom screen itself.  I’ve never really subscribed to the whole scratch protector scam.  Displays, these days, are not going to scratch unless you do something seriously drastic – and if it comes that, even the screen scratch protector is toast.  I may eat those words someday, but right now, I consider the screen protector thing wasted money.

Here’s some photos and comments.

Straight out of the packaging…



Snug fit… the case seems to be custom formed and fits perfectly.

Easy snap inSnug fit


Options Access… once installed, all of the Xoom’s external ports, camera, power button, etc. are completely accessible.

Options accessHeadphone jack access

USB/Power accessVolume control access


Additional dock adapter required…



Motorola Xoom silicon case on


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