Life with a Motorola Xoom–Day 4 & 5–the 1st weekend

Published 11 April 11 11:39 AM | rodtrent

I spent my first weekend with the Motorola Xoom, and I have to say that I’m at stage where, when I finally put it down, I pick it back up again in 15 minutes or less.  It helps that I have notifications set to alert me for a multitude of happenings (multiple email accounts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., etc.), but in reality I appreciated the extra incentive to pick it up again.

At first, the Tablet was awkward to carry, because I was always trying to not touch the Tablet screen, but I just dove straight in this weekend and started carrying it like Sunday School kid with a Bible heading to church.  I’m hoping to find something here eventually that will allow me to still carry it in the same manner, but provide a bit more protection.  It’ll take just one accidental tap on the forearm or elbow and the Tablet will go flying like a missile.

The Thumbkeyboard I installed last week is great!  When you’re sitting and able to set the Tablet in your lap, Thumbkeyboard allows you to switch back quickly to a standard Xoom keyboard layout, which allows you to type pretty quickly.  When you’re forced to hold the Tablet on either side, you can split the keyboard and type on the Tablet using your thumbs.

So – what did I use the Tablet for this weekend?

It really was a relaxing weekend, for major parts of it, at least – so I was able to do some normal stuff with the Xoom (email, web) and also do some weekend-type, fun stuff like YouTube, Marketplace browsing, playing around with screen widgets, reading the morning paper, etc., etc.  I also played a couple games I found – one is “Stupid Zombies” which is a bit addicting, and then I found a jigsaw puzzle app, Yo Puzzle, that does a decent job of keeping my attention.

BTW: If you ever want to see what I have installed on the Xoom, and/or, am currently trying out, you can view my AppBrain page:


One additional, small annoyance

Each day I use the Xoom, I notice *something* that bugs me a bit.  You can read about my other annoyances in the previous posts (linked below).

One “almost” annoyance I realized this weekend is that Motorola didn’t plan the power junction very well.  The power junction is on the physical bottom of the Tablet.  I say “physical” bottom, because, in reality there is no actual physical bottom of the device, since the screen orientation can switch to every side.  If having the plug on the physical bottom of device bothers you, i.e., sitting the Tablet in your lap while charging it, rotate the Tablet so the virtual bottom in on the direct other side.

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