Life with a Motorola Xoom–Day 3

Published 08 April 11 09:08 AM | rodtrent

I’m on day 3 of using the Motorola Xoom.  It’s an amazing device and really is changing the way I think about computing.  Yesterday, I spent time away from my normal computing setup and worked solely on the Xoom.  Here’s a few things I was able to do:

  1. Did a phone presentation using a land line and Slideshow to Go to move between slides in a PPT deck.  I have to say, that Slideshow to Go does a great job with formatting on the bigger Xoom screen. It’s a real pleasure to use. 
  2. Edited some Word docs using Documents to Go.  The Thumbkeyboard I mentioned yesterday does a great job, allowing me to type quickly.
  3. After setting up my screen widgets to make things a bit more handy, I read news, and monitored and responded to Tweets (using the Plume widget).  Plume is by far the best Twitter client for Android. I also setup my work and personal calendar widgets so I can have a quick glance and know what is coming up.  I’ll go over what I believe are some of the best widgets in another post.
  4. I loaded up Mspot and listened to my cloud-hosted music while working.  I used the built-in speakers instead of the headset, but may try the headset today to see the difference.  No matter, it was nice to sit the Xoom down on the desk and let it just play music while I walked around the office.  The built-in speakers work and sound good.

Battery life on the Xoom is amazing.  I worked on it for 3 hours yesterday, at a constant pace, and it still had 82% battery life left.  I think on Monday I’ll be using it all day as a test of business value and also full battery life.

I usually carry my Droid X with me everywhere I go, but I’m finding it much more palatable to carry the Xoom with me instead and leave Droid X in it’s dock – or take the Droid X along and use it as an access point for the Xoom.  Carrying the Xoom around and sitting it down on any surface makes me cringe, so…

Yesterday – I had to do it – I ordered the standard dock and a grippy slipcase, both, of which, I have deemed as must-have’s.  I came close to getting the Motorola version of the slipcase, but the reviews said it was horrible and didn’t even fit the unit well.  Once these two items arrive, I’ll give you a word or two about them.  Here’s some pictures of what will arrive:

image image

More tomorrow.

BTW: If you’ve not followed my trek so far, here’s the previous day’s events:

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