The MMS 2011 Twitter Army - Who to follow #mms2011

Published 28 March 11 07:11 PM | rodtrent

The 1st annual MMS Twitter Army was put together this year and it was a huge success.  If you followed the #mms2011 and #mmsfun hashtags, you saw an enormous amount of valuable content about MMS 2011. We’re already working to enhance and improve the Army for next year, but here’s the list of folks (Twitter handles) who enlisted this year.  These folks proved to be up to the challenge as MMS 2011 represented the best Twitter-covered conference with over 10,000 Tweets.

We’ll be putting together some full stats from last week to post soon so you can clearly see their valuable participation.  Follow these folks for great information all year round.

Incidentally, if your name does not show up on the list and you were at the Monday morning Tweetup, drop me a note with your correct Twitter handle.

Funny enough, too – some folks showed up without a Twitter handle because they just wanted the cool Twitter Army lapel pin!

2011 MMS Twitter Army:

@turbomac – MMS 2011 Twitter Army General!

@perlstalker – MMS 2011 Twitter Army General runner-up!



























































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