What does Roger Zander look like? #mms2011 #mmsfun

Published 24 March 11 01:52 PM | rodtrent

We had the awesome opportunity yesterday at the myITforum.com booth for Roger Zander to stop by the booth and introduce himself.  It’s always a great time putting a face to a well-known name.  I thought I’d post the photo of Roger so you all can know what he looks like when you pass him in the hallways at MMS, or in an airport terminal, and you can say “Hi”.  Roger is famous for his development and community releases of SMS/SCCM Client Center tool (and other tools).


Yeah…that huge orange bush on the left side of the photo is Eric Groff.  That beard is another interesting story that I’ll have to get him to tell sometime.  He is growing the beard for charity – and is yet another awesome community story and real evidence that this community contains some of the most unique, caring, and awesome people in the world.

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