The MMS 2011 Bible Study Group #mms2011

Published 23 March 11 12:33 PM | rodtrent

This is our 4th year to host a pre-day Bible study at MMS and each year the group keeps growing.  This year we have 15 people attending!  In past years we met in someone’s hotel room, but due to our increasing group size, we are now meeting in one of the conference rooms. 

Here’s quick photo of our group this year (excluding me, of course, as I’m holding the camera).


This is great group of folks – all from different parts of the country and many different companies.  Truly blessed to be part of it.  This is an open invitation group, so if you still want to join this year, we meet at 7:15am each morning in Reef D.  This gives you plenty of time to still eat breakfast and attend the keynote and other sessions.

Jarvis Davis heads this up, so if you want to attend for MMS 2012, look for more information about it as we get closer to next year.

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