MMS photo memories of the past 13 years #mms2011

Published 10 March 11 12:18 AM | rodtrent

As another MMS draws near each year it’s always great to sift through memories that have accumulated over the years.  MMS 2011 is soon upon us and even more memories, stories, friendships, and potentially head-butts (there’s a story here) will make MMS 2011 yet another significant event.

I was able to put together a pictorial representation of the last 13 years of MMS for all to share in.  There are actually over 1,250 photos!  For those that have been part of this community for a long time, and have attended at least a couple MMS’s, these photos will be a nostalgic trip back through our rich history.

In these photos you’ll see SWAG, places, events, and people, some of which will make you smile and laugh – some may even bring a bit of sadness.  You’ll see people you’ve lost touch with, who might have attended a couple MMS’s and then disappeared into a new professional role.  You’ll see people who have become your best friends.  You might even see yourself.  These aren’t just my memories – they are all of ours.

Have fun…


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