Service Manager Portal Source Code Released!

Published 03 March 11 08:04 AM | rodtrent


To help customers achieve their goals for a customized self-service portal in the near term, we are releasing the source code to the portal today.  Not everybody has Visual Studio and a developer on hand to make these customizations, but a lot of our customers do.  Some of our SCSM administrators, consultants, and SI partners are even developers at heart and are excited about the possibility of making the self-service portal do what they want it to do.  We realize this isn’t ideal to have to modify code to get what you want, but it is better than not being able to modify it all!  Hopefully this will suffice while we are busy building the new portal.

But we also have another fun surprise!  We are also including a newly styled portal in this download that you can deploy with copy/paste of some files.

Service Manager Portal Source Code Released! - SCSM Engineering Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs


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