New SCSM CodePlex Project: SCSM Facade

Published 08 February 11 01:55 PM | rodtrent


Gary Davidson, the Chief Software Architect at Interclick, has created a new SCSM CodePlex project called SCSM Façade.  The intention of the SCSM Façade project is to make programming against the SCSM SDK a little less abstract.  Because SCSM is a configuration driven platform all of the APIs are abstract.  For example – we don’t have a GetIncidents() method.  We only have a GetObjectReader() method which gets you objects that match the criteria you specify.  The criteria is what tells SCSM to return incidents instead of change requests.  So – in pseudocode you do something like this Incidents = GetObjectReader(Incident) instead of Incidents = GetIncidents().

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