App-DNA Announcements for February 8, 2011–App-V, App Intelligence, Australian Market

Published 08 February 11 08:22 AM | rodtrent

App-DNA has a multitude of product announcements today.

First, App-DNA announced AppTitude Virtual App Machine

App-DNA announces the AppTitude Virtual App Machine, accelerating App-V application preparation up to 50% faster than manual processes.

AppTitude speeds App-V deployments, often aligned with Windows 7 initiatives. With a unique approach and unrivaled accuracy, AppTitude can:

  • Assess an application’s suitability for virtualization
  • Identify the fixes needed to quickly create App-V ready application packages
  • Automate sequencing of App-V packages

AppTitude helps enterprises:

  • Improve resource management
  • Determine the overall time, cost and risk of virtualization projects

Save money- no need to buy a separate sequencing product

In basic terms, AppTitude Virtual App Machine, can reduce by 50% the amount of preparation time for an App-V migration. It also simplifies the process for enterprises, because AppTitude covers testing, remediation and auto-sequences all in one.  If they are not expert Sequencers, no problem. If they don’t want to purchase any other tool for packaging, they can just use AppTitude to auto-sequence, test and remediate. Best of all, AppTitude calls the App-V Sequencer as part of the process, so the end packages are Microsoft-supported.

And, two other announcements today:

App-DNA Brings Application Intelligence to French Enterprises

Aligning with the Microsoft TechDays Conference, App-DNA announced the expansion of a French technical and sales team to best serve growing enterprise customer demand. App-DNA has been selected and is being used by more than a dozen prestigious French customers such as BNP Paribas – Fortis, Renault, Rhodia, Crédit Mutuel, Canal+, and other significant business leaders. It is also the default solution for almost all of the major system integrators who are delivering application migration in France today.

Application Migration Experts App-DNA Launch in Australia

App-DNA announces an expansion into the Australian market to help enterprises meet a growing need to accelerate application migrations. In Australia there has been a demand for a fast and accurate application migration solution and initial success in the financial sector.


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