The KIN TWOm Carbon 8GB

Published 08 December 10 02:46 PM | rodtrent

My oldest son actually chose the new KIN from Verizon as his replacement phone (new every two).  Frankly, I don’t think I would have EVER had the chance to see one of these unless he did choose it.

He chose it primarily for it’s ability to hook up to our Zune account and store his songs, but it also has WiFi and is one of the only Verizon phones that doesn’t require a data plan.  My oldest son is like my wife in that they will fret on making decisions, so you can guess that he put some serious thought into it.

So…he’s expected here tonight to grab the phone and start using it, so I don’t know anything about the performance yet. However, I did think the packaging was enough to warrant some further digging, so here’s some initial photos of the new KIN and proof that the KIN is not quite dead.

Click on each image to view full size.


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