Microsoft’s Rules on IE Virtualization are Confusing and “Crippling”

Published 06 December 10 12:28 PM | rodtrent


There’s an interesting article over at (IT pros fume over Microsoft's rules against IE virtualization).  You might remember that I took this topic up a few weeks ago when Microsoft asked Spoon to yank IE off their web site.  Since then, the situation has taken on a life of it’s own, uncovering something that has been brewing for quite a while.  Spoon is only getting caught in the middle of a topic that has been hot for a while and only getting hotter.  Gartner is even now weighing in.

The basic story is that Microsoft says “No” to IE virtualization, yet customers say “Yes” and do it anyway.  I’m guessing the customer will win out eventually.

I was asked to comment on this topic last week, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to comment prior to the release.

I suspect Microsoft will eventually have to update the public to eliminate confusion over licensing and virtualization rules of Internet Explorer.  Stay tuned…this could be one to watch, particularly as Microsoft continues it’s push to be the leader of “The Cloud” and virtualization practices.

Read TechTarget’s article


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