Microsoft Asks Spoon.Net to Take Internet Explorer Off the Cloud

Published 16 November 10 09:44 PM | rodtrent

Spoon is one of those really innovative products/services that has some serious promise in the world of the Cloud.  I was first made aware of Spoon during TechEd 2010 US in New Orleans in the Expo.  It was a bright spot.  Since then, I’ve been watching their progress.

Spoon stores apps in the Cloud and allow you to run each application without having to install the application on the local computer.  It’s really neat stuff and you should check it out when you get a chance.  There’s a lot more to what Spoon is and does, but you can find that out at their web site.

As Microsoft is pushing “Cloud Power” and promoting that they are “all in” it’s ironic that Microsoft has requested that Spoon drop versions of Internet Explorer from the Spoon servers.


On Spoon’s web site today it reads:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft has asked us to remove Internet Explorer from this service.

We hope to work with Microsoft to restore cloud-based access to their browsers shortly, but in the meantime we have disabled access to Internet Explorer.

We will post more information as we learn additional details.  Please check back with us soon, follow us on Twitter @spoonapps, or join our Facebook page at

Interestingly enough, all other major browsers are still be served by Spoon like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.  Also interesting is that Internet Explorer remains a free download from the Microsoft site and I’m sure there are quite a few instances and different versions sitting in VMs all over the world.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens and what Microsoft’s communication will be on this.


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