Invitation to Join the Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v.2 TAP Program

Published 20 July 10 01:24 PM | rodtrent

Are you making plans to deploy Windows 7 in your enterprise in the next 6 – 18 months? Are your plans being delayed or complicated by applications that will not work on Windows 7?

The Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) team is looking for customers who are planning their Windows 7 deployment but have found applications that will not work with Windows 7 to participate in the MED-V v.2 TAP program. MED-V v.2 can be used to address the “compatibility gaps” in enterprise environments and accelerate the move to Windows 7. Incompatible applications run on the Windows 7 desktop in a managed virtualized XP operating environment.  With MED-V, IT Pros are able to move forward with their Windows 7 deployment and not be blocked by incompatible applications. 

MED-V v.2 provides the following benefits:

· Simplified experience for the IT Pro and the end user over XP Mode and MED-V v1

· Integration with the customers’ existing management tools and processes, including Configuration Manager

· Tight integration with Windows 7 for a seamless user experience

· Websites requiring an IE6 automatically opened with the IE6 browser

· Built on Windows Virtual PC 7

We invite you to participate! Participants in the MED-V v2 TAP program will partner with the MED-V product team to validate the product through production deployments prior to its release.

To learn about the MED-V v.2 release and participate in TAP or Beta programs email

For an overview of the MED-V solution visit


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